Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Your Demise - Ignorance Never Dies (2009)

1. Ignorance Never Dies
2. Burnt Tongues
3. Nothing Left But Regret
4. Antipode
5. Hypochondriac
6. Dreaming Of Believing
7. TF
8. Unknown Dub
9. The Clocks Aren?t Ticking Backwards
10. Feels Like There?s Something Dark Inside
11. All I Never Want To Be
12. Great Shape
13. Black Veins
14. Blood Ran Cold


yourdemise said...

if you download this you are a scumbag, support small bands

joey said...

shut your mouth you fucking faggot, get your music out there and stop worrying about making money.

Anonymous said...

I won't be buying this. I know for a fact members of YD download music, so go fuck yourselves. Hypocritical pricks. If your release was worth anything, you wouldn't mind a few people downloading it and picking up the hard copy. Hardcore was based on making mix tapes for each other, so don't come over as high and mighty.

Kirky said...

you've created some pretty terrible dub there. i wouldnt pay for this album even if i had the money

Anonymous said...

you all suck cock